Earthquakes, Gamblers, Pirates and Oysters, Around the World in 60 Days

It all started with an excuse. I “needed” to visit a conference of marginal utility (but serious potential for fun) in Puerto Rico, which would be located 11913 miles away from Singapore if there was a non-stop flight, which there of course isn’t.

Golden tea pavilion at Hakuza, Higashi-chayamachi, Kanazawa Riviera Casino

Pier at Saddleback Cay Thoroughly awe-inspiring oysters

As soon as I’d convinced myself that a round-the-world ticket would be the best way to accomplish this, the mathematical perfection of this Great Circle curve started to acquire fractal cruft: stops in Japan, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas on the way there, a visit over to the Bahamas since it’s almost right next door anyway, a detour to Canada, and to France, Finland and Spain on my way back to Singapore. The full route, courtesy of OpenFlights:




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